Following On From The Dream

Following on from the dream… We awake, to be, to find, that we are here questioning the mind. Can it be, that I can find all the answers are in my mind? The first steps to a world unknown; to explore a territory and discover that along the way we are always on our own. If only we had a guide to see through our minds eye where exactly we have to … [Read more...]


In joy and my compassion I believe that my soul is truly relieved that I can be who I truly need to be, All of me, As one, In Unity. I thank thee o lord for shinning your light upon me. For all the love in me and around me. That I’m truly blessed to serve thee. I am grateful to the word of peace of my becoming to my home coming. … [Read more...]


Each time the intensity, the clearer the clarity. The clarity becomes simplicity in how to be free. To be constantly aware that the attention we give in searching for meaning just keeps on repeating this cycle or pattern of behavior will not be our savior. We know that it can consume us but all we can do is allow ourselves to soften and … [Read more...]

Be Free With Me

In uniting the human nation we can lift together the calibration that can lead us to true liberation. FREEDOM. I stand as one. In the ‘I’ is one. In the one is ‘I’. There is no separation. Collectively we can be the one as a true world nation. It is time. It is time to ring the right chime. The moment is now to feel the true wow of how we can … [Read more...]