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Raising The Awareness of Your Truth Free EbookWhen I had written the above title, little did I realize that this was my own self guiding message that in my daily silence stopped the distractions and hidden dramas.

These small passages can be a point of reference to start with, as they were for me.

I can now vulnerably share with you that what I experienced. It allowed me to see clearly how I feared and masked any risk of change. The fear soon diluted once I commenced the creation of ‘Something’s Missing’; it fired up my passion and desire to make a difference. It allowed me to be honest and opened a clear passage of communication with myself. It gave me permission to embark upon a mission that could guide me to where I needed to be in my life.

Reconnecting with the inner child allowed me to have fun, which in turn increased my vibration and raised my awareness. I was letting go of what I was holding onto, that which did not serve me any longer. It allowed me to embrace the magical thought that being true to yourself reveals your true magnificence. It awaits the discovery in all of us as a human nation.

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