Personal Coaching


The duration of the journey with the client is four sessions, each lasting two hours.

The first session identifies what the underlying cause may be and getting them to locate where they feel this in their body.

Creating a link of communication to raise self awareness, they can then begin to focus and become present rather than drifting and thinking that some mysterious vendetta has been deemed upon them, which causes a waste of vital life force energy.

It is vital for the client to grasp that they are the ones creating all this confusion and it is normally CLARITY that they seek in finding the next course of action to place themselves in a more empowering place.

Finding the solution with simplicity can be very effective. Using sound mainly with my voice, I have discovered it can unlock memory within every cell of our body to start the healing process; rather like finding the key to opening a door.

A door that can lead you to your core.

I have found laughter and humour to be essential, this in turn increases vibration and moves clients from very stuck states of mind to positive vibration and well being.

This process reduces cortisol, which is a hormone that causes stress and increases endorphins. These are the body’s natural opiates that make you happy.

Therefore, when you laugh, the production of endorphins in your body keeps you feeling good for ages.

The use of mild trance enables you to capture this vital energy which is essential and eventually leads you into a very relaxed state of mind.

It is at this level removed from tension that you can truly heal and move on in living a very positive life full of ENERGY.

If you wish to discuss how Personal Coaching can benefit you or you’d like to book an appointment please contact me here.