Feeling Stressed by the Constant Mental Chatter That’s Destroying Your Peace of Mind?

Are You Ready to Let Go of the Tension and Anxiety That You’ve Been Carrying Around With You For All These Years?


It’s no secret that the pace of modern living can take its toll with all its demands on our attention and energy. All over the world, people like you are suffering with stress-related disorders, high anxiety levels and feel like there’s no hope. And with the pace of modern life, it’s easy to forget how to take care of yourself and reconnect with that inner guidance that truly enables you to stay peaceful and centred amidst the chaos going on around you.

But…what if there was a way to eliminate the negative feelings?

Imagine how good it would be if you could escape from the hustle and bustle of life — just for a while — and enter a place where serenity and calm reign supreme?

Please Allow Me to Gently Guide You to a Place of Peace and Tranquillity…


When you listen to this CD, you’ll:

greentickFeel relaxed and free the tension, which if held in the body for long periods, can cause costly maintenance and lead eventually to ill health

greentickStop the internal mind chatter causing you to feel drained and robbed of your creative energy

greentickDiscover what is really limiting you from achieving your true potential and to release any barriers with ease

greentickExperience a deep sense of relaxation and will be guided to a magical and powerful place within you

greentickAllow the power of your imagination to listen to the safe metaphorical stories that can bring about lasting change within yourself and your life

greentickAchieve a level of relaxation and consciousness that will help you to harnesses the creative energy that already lies within you

greentickAchieve and maintain a more positive outlook on life

greentickCreate a space in your life that allows you to step into your power

…once you have had a taste of what you have always been, you will be unstoppable on your mission in life and open up the doors to discover who you really are: true magnificence , pure love, and oneness.


Introducing…Something’s Missing CD


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Who I Am & My Motivation for Creating This CD…


For many years I never understood why I never had a clue as to exactly what I wanted to do. Even when I did have an idea or a moment of inspiration it was short lived. The excitement of a new possibility taking shape would be very intense to begin with and then from very deep within a bombardment of excuses would come up along with great fear which would literally stop me in my tracks from even investigating. The main limiting beliefs I held were “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not intelligent enough”.

I always felt as if I was just drifting in my life, not really achieving much and even though I was more than capable of surviving, I always had a deep sense that something was missing yet I could never put my finger on what it was.

This constant negative internal chatter had devastating effects on my health and I was began to realise that I had to take action…the problem was: I didn’t know what to do or which direction to take.

Does That Sound Familiar to You?

These thought patterns and limiting beliefs created so much anger, frustration and tension in my body, which I tried to heal with very expensive medical and complementary therapy treatments just to ease my physical pain.

As I observed myself and progressed with the various studies on human behaviour, it was becoming more and more evident to me that the emotions we humans feel have a certain weight and operate at a certain frequency.

I also experienced the powerful truth behind the principle that “energy flows where thought goes” and came to understand that memories of my past experiences kept me in the past and did not allow any possibility of me moving forward with new vision. When I realised that there was no room for positive energy within me; that I was being consumed with fear, anger, frustration and procrastination, I knew I had to change frequency. My desire to overcome my stuck-ness and remove the blockages that kept me at such a low frequency, then became my prime objective.

This CD is the fruit of all my learning and experience. It is a process intended to create a space within you that will allow you to let go of the past and be guided to a place of serenity within you. I believe that once you have experienced this frequency of serenity, you’ll be charged with renewed positive energy that will open you to endless possibilities to connect to your creativity.

I wish you a magical voyage when listening to this CD and I now know that this was created in my heart with all my love and hope it can touch yours.

Roberto Milani

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