What My Clients Say…


“In listening to the CD I gain the focus and clarity to get through the busyness of life with a calm clear state of being. I feel a deep sense of peace and connection to myself and the world about me when I hear the tones and texts from the CD. The rhythmical passages are inspiring and uplifting and my favorite part is the guided voyage where one is eased into deep relaxation. The CD leaves me seeing life in a positive bright light way.”

Simon Cabot – Chartered Physiotherapist

“What can I say? Too much to put into words as the experience and results that follow at the end of this ‘process’ just say it all……it works! I was a sufferer for many years to the anxiety and panic attacks, i felt I was stuck in time, my life was not moving forward, my anxiety and worries and panic were keeping me from progressing in many areas of my life such as work, my personal relationships and family relationships. The issues I kept pushing away deep down in the back of my mind instead of dealing with them. All this had brought me to a physical and psychological state whereby I could not enjoy my life as well as I remembered I used too. So what changed?………Me! I cannot put into words how this experience of awareness has changed my life, a complete turnaround. I am more aware, positive and confident at work, in relationships, with family, actually…….. in everything! Life has never felt so good……. Bless you.”

Anthony Rossides – Solicitor

“The CD has aided me so I could focus my mind on the issues at hand and face them with clarity and allowed me to make decisions with a firm resolve, especially as my mind is usually filled with thoughts on many issues simultaneously as I tend to over think things all the time and the process has allowed me to not have my mind cluttered with so many thoughts. After listening to Roberto’s CD I find myself to be relaxed and recharged. I have noticed that I can now take a step back from a situation and evaluate it and try to find solutions not just seeing the problems.”

Richard Kaplan – Solicitor

“According to the dictionary definition, a testimonial is something that serves as evidence, that expresses commendation of a person as worthy or desirable. Worth is only as valuable as the amount of importance you place upon it; so far each person who undertakes this voyage the result can only be relative to them. For me, I know that I am a person that I am able to be today because I completed this voyage.

I am whole, I am happy, I am able , I am confident and I am fearless, and even when there is a day of slight confusion, which I now know is actually needed, I no longer feel lost. I am constantly reassured by my own consciousness.

This voyage enhances, encourages, enables and supports.
It allows the ability to be honest with oneself without judgment.
It allows the ability to see everything past, present and future with clarity, pure meaning and understanding.
It allows you to be the best you can be. It is the perfect vehicle.
It enables you to travel through your life perusing , viewing understanding and releasing.
It takes you to where you need and want to be.
It carries you safely into a life you intrinsically know to be true and right for you.
Gratitude is inevitable and almost notional in this instance and something I find myself feeling on a daily basis.”

Andromeda Graziano – Pilates Instructor & Body Worker


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