Roberto uses what he terms ‘The Five Modalities’ -

A spectrum of holistic techniques and methods used to treat clients.


A guided method of very deep relaxation.

In this state, the subconscious part of the the mind can be more easily accessed, allowing the participant to contact areas of hidden or concealed pain and trauma that are otherwise repressed or contained.


The process also allows the practitioner to establish which aspects and areas  of the participants life  are creating challenges and require attention.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a recognised and scientific technology that works directly with the central nervous system and the five human senses.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our communication with others and condition the way we express ourselves to the world around us. This then creates our experience of life. NLP seeks to modify the  entrenched core beliefs that negatively affect our lives re-routing new positive pathways in the brain and  changing our beliefs, thoughts, and actions and ultimately our results.  This creates a new and healthier experience of life.


Originally developed in Japan, Reiki is a technique that uses the energy of the practitioner through the placing of hands near to, or very gently upon, various energy centres in the participants body.

The method uses symbols and movements to balance  and align these centres reinvigorating the bodies natural energy flow, allowing it to heal and recover from disease. The name translates as ‘Rei'(soul or spirit) and ‘Ki’ (Life force or energy).

Breath & Bodywork

A combination of disciplines incorporating Acupressure, Massage, and Breath Techniques.

These are designed to reduce the intensity of pain and blocked energy that can gather and become stagnant. Working with energy lines or ‘meridians’ through the body, the practitioner can  invigorate nerve tissues and also flush the lymphatic system to clear toxins, releasing areas of stress and tension.

Life Coaching

The function of a life coach is not to prescribe or direct your life but rather, to help you develop your own built in capacities and abilities

To help you to ask better questions of yourself and your life. To discover what moves and motivates you. uncovering the forces that inspire you while neutralising the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. Stimulating in you the desire, devotion and discipline  to create meaning and fulfilment in all areas of your life.